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Pebble Time Matte Clear Bezel Skin

Pebble Time Matte Clear Bezel Skin

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Our Pebble Time Matte Clear Bezel Skin is a precision cut matte (antiglare) skin that covers up the bezel of your Pebble Time (not the glass). If you are looking for a way to protect the bezel without changing the look of your Pebble Time then this is for you. It is a very simple wet install that is completely waterproof and removable if it gets damaged.

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Customer Reviews

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Ivan L.
Fantastic product and customer services

The skin fit my new pebble time perfectly.
I messed up the shipping address and they were also quick respond and help me.
Thank you Trevor and Gadgetwraps!


Since the bezel scratches easily, a protector for it is a must. However a perfect installation is not an easy thing to do. I tried over and over again for 30 mins and every time, it was either not aligned perfectly, or there was dust stuck underneath somewhere which caused bubbles. Finally I thought I got it right and the misplacement was so minor that no one would notice. I was even going to come write a review and say don't fuss over a perfect installation and you won't screw it up, but I thought I'd wait a bit longer. When it dried after a few days I was satisfied and enjoyed it for the next following days. But the minor misalignment had caused a veeery thin part of the protector to stick out of the outer edge which eventually got rubbed somewhere and lifted up a bit. Now that corner is white. This is the only reason I'm giving 4 stars, otherwise it's exactly what it should be and with good quality.
Unknown on Aug 8th 2015

Chad W

I wanted a protector for the bezel since I have heard of scratches on the watch. Good price and quality product. Easy to install and looks great. Protects as it should.
Chad W on Aug 11th 2015

Robin R

When I first got my Pebble Time I was terrified about scratching it. Turns out that was a valid fear; Pebble Time bezels apparently scratch very easily. I ordered my Gadgetwraps 2 days after getting my Pebble Time and was VERY cautious until they arrived. After a very easy application I no longer fear inadvertently destroying my Pebble Time. Very happy with Gadgetwraps and have no plans to order protectors/skins from anywhere else.
Robin R on Aug 18th 2015


You can barley see it while it's on your device (unless you look hard for it).

It has kept my device safe, and looking great.

Application is about as easy as it can get.
cj on Aug 21st 2015