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Apple Watch Full Clear Screen Protector (2 Pack)

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Our Apple Watch Clear Screen Protector is a precision cut crystal clear film that covers the front glass of your Apple Watch (completely edge-to-edge). Our film is a very simple wet installation that will self-heal small scratches and dings and is completely waterproof once installed and removable if it gets damaged. Our protector covers the glass COMPLETELY. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Great screen protectors!

I've used Gadgetwraps screen protectors for my Pebble 2 and now for the Apple Watch. They do a fine job! The Pebble protectors lasted for a several months which is better than many cell phone protectors. The Apple Watch protectors don't last quite as long: a month or so. Peeling around the edges is,ย no doubt, related to the curvature of the screen and my un-nimble fingers during the install. Definitely watch the support video first before beginning. It's well worth the time to get it right.


Gadgetwraps never disappoints on their products. I have ordered at least 10 of these protectors from them in the last couple years for my various watches. They hold up very well and are so cheap you can replace them without a hassle if they do peel!


I previously had the Invisible Shield screen protector (which doesnโ€™t even cover the entire screen), and it only lasted me a week due to the fact that debris easily got caught underneath causing it to peel. Iโ€™ve been searching high and low for a decent screen protector that can cover the entire screen, and thanks to reddit, I ended up here. This screen protector really does the job. Covers the entire screen, including the the rounded edges for protection AND just by looking at it you canโ€™t even tell itโ€™s there. Itโ€™s so genius that the application process is very similar to how tint is applied to windows to ensure that the screen protector stays. I canโ€™t get over how amazingly satisfied I am with this product!!

Eveline Ramaekers

Fits perfect, very good protection. Very easy to aply and remove.


Have had mine on for about two weeks now and it really does protect from all my clumsy run-ins with doorknobs and walls. Thanks, GadgetWraps! It really does cover the whole screen and goes on easy! Won't go without them on a watch again!