Silicone Watchband - 20mm with Quick Release

Our silicone bands are a near exact match to the leather straps for the Pebble Round 20mm (same width, quick release, number and spacing of holes, etc.) Our silicone straps are slightly thinner than the stock leather bands which make for a more comfortable fit. Our bands will fit on the 20mm Pebble Round (not the 14mm Pebble Round) as well as the watches listed below.





All of our bands have been tested in oceans, pools, showers, etc. Keep in mind though that our bands will not make your watch waterproof!

Accommodates Most Wrists

Our 20mm straps are 8 inches in length (excluding your watch case). There are 10 size settings with .25in increments. The total length of the strap on a Pebble Time Round 20mm (1.5in case) is 9.5in. The smallest wrist size this would fit is 5.6in. The largest wrist size this would fit is 8in.

Pebble Round 20mm Silicone
50% Off Replacements

If at any time you damage your band we’ll replace the entire band (and pins, loops, and buckle) for 50% off of a new band. If at any point you damage your loops, pins, or buckle (with the rest of the band being fine) we’ll replace those components for just the cost of shipping.

Quick Release Pins
Our silicone bands have stainless steel quick release pins built in which make it really easy to install and remove your band in a moment’s notice.

Additional information

Weight .3 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews

We bought the Hyper green band for our sons gizmo watch and it was perfect! He loves it because it matches the exact color of his race car! He shows it off every chance he gets! I will be buying our bands from gadget wraps from now on!! Thank you so much!!!

Beautiful colors!

Gadget wraps by far has the best color bands I've found. I have the purple glow and emerald green. Colors are exactly as pictured.

Love it

Makes my Pebble wearable!

8-year-old daughter approved!!

“Santa” brought this for my daughters new Gizmo watch, and since she’s in a big olive green phase it’s exactly what she was hoping for.
When I tried putting these on my daughters watch, the fit and everything was perfect, one side went on very easy but when I did the other side, I noticed the metal part was jammed and wasn’t moving, it was defective/broken.
My daughter was super upset so I did an exchange as she really loved everything about it.
Yes, getting a defective part is frustrating but it happens.
I decided not to dock any stars because they sent me a replacement immediately which got to me very fast. The replacement went on great, no problems!
Other than that, it’s a great watch band! My daughter said it’s very comfortable and asked for more of this exact same one just different colors.

More comfortable than original Garmin FR 645 strap

I got one of these because (1) the reviews are not fake, according to a review checker site, (2) the strap that came with my new Garmin FR 645 Music sticks to my skin too much after a while, and (3) I wanted a new color.

I chose the 'lime' to try and match the look of the Suunto 9 Lime (an awesome looking watch) ... and the lime here is like a 95% match. So on my Garmin, I've got the look of a mini-Suunto. :-)

But the comfort is way perfect for me. The strap is still soft, but the feel is a little less grabby and sticky than the orig. Garmin. So I'm much more comfortable. I don't feel the need to move the watch back and forth from wrist to wrist like I do with the Garmin.

The only critique I have is that the strap is very plain looking, and not too thick ... so it doesn't have a "luxury" appearance. But whatever.

Pretty Good

I don’t think this strap will have much longevity. However, not much should be expected, given the price point. It works well, though, and it’s nice when you find a strap with a brushed buckle, as opposed to polished steel

If you have a small wrist it fits.

I've had a hard time finding bands that fit. They're are either too big and my watch spins around my wrist or uncomfortable in the hole that fits. Thankfully this one fits comfortably in the very 1st hole and I cut alot of extra off.
It's very soft silicone and feels nice.

Looks good, but caution when ordering.

The wrist band I received is perfectly fine. Good quality, arrived quickly.



Timex Expedition

Perfect replcement for the fabric band on my Timex. Zero maintenance, comfortable.

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