What is our warranty for the products we sell?

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What is the GadgetWraps warranty for skins and protectors?

If at any time you damage your skin or protector (for any reason) we’ll replace it for $1 plus shipping. You will only be able to replace that skin/protector with the exact same one that you ordered unless we are out of stock of that style for some reason.

What is the GadgetWraps warranty for watch bands?

Our bands carry a 6 month warranty. If for any reason you need any component of your band replaced within 6 months (pins, loops, one side of your band, etc.) we’ll replace it for the cost of shipping. If you need parts of your band replaced outside of 6 months or your entire band replaced inside or outside of 6 months we will discount the cost of an entire new band to 50% of your original purchase price plus shipping.

GadgetWraps Warranty Form

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