For every product that we sell we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee. This enables you to get a discounted wrap at any time. All you have to do is pay $1 for each wrap that you need replaced (plus shipping) and we will send you a brand new wrap. No matter what the reason we'll replace your GadgetWraps product.

What is the warranty for my GadgetWraps product?
All of our products carry a lifetime replacement warranty. What does that mean? This means that at any time if your wrap/protector/skin needs to be replaced due to damage, a bad installation, age, etc. we will replace it for $1 plus the cost of shipping.  

Can I get a different wrap shipped to me as a replacement?
We are only able to replace your damaged product with the same exact wrap. We are unable to replace it for a different color/style. It has to be the same exact wrap. 

If I have two things that need to be replaced. Can I combine them to save on shipping?
Yes! You can even add a replacement wrap to a new order if you are ordering some more full price wraps.

Can I add a warranty replacement for an old order to a new (full price - non replacement) order?
Yes! You can add a warranty replacement for an old order to a new order. You'll need to fill out a warranty form prior to placing your new order.

How do I get a replacement?
Fill out the form below to request the shipping payment link. Please include your full name and order number. Do not contact us using your name if you weren't the original customer (like if your friend bought it for you). Otherwise, we would have no way of looking you up.