Silicone Apple Watch Band - 3 Piece SM/ML

Our silicone Apple Watch bands are an exact match to the silicone band that came with your Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, or Series 4 Apple Watch. We sell these with 3 pieces (two sides with holes, one side with the metal buckle) which accommodates Apple Watch sizing of Small, Medium, and Large. If you have a S/M or M/L band currently then these will fit you!




Safe To Use In Water
All of our Apple Watch silicone bands have been tested in oceans, pools, showers, etc. Keep in mind though that our bands will not make your Series 1 waterproof!
Quick Change Mechanism

Our silicone bands have have the same quick change mechanism that your current Apple Watch bands have making switching bands a breeze.

Apple watch silicone

50% Off Replacements

If at any time you damage your band (any parts of it) we’ll replace the entire band for 50% off of a new band.
Accommodates Most Wrists
Our Apple Watch silicone bands are sold with 3 pieces that match up with Apple’s SM/ML sizing. So if you wear a Small/Medium or Medium/Large in the official Apple Watch band then these will be a perfect fit.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This sport band comes in 3 pieces like the original band. I'm visually can't tell the difference between the original one and this band. Feels softer than the original one and the material is truly amazing even with less than a half of the price. The band itself feels a little bit tight when slides into the watch but it's perfect with no space to loose. Definitely will buy another color!
I heard that GadgetWraps have been a great partner with pebble previously so I hope they can do the same with Apple. I hope they have selections of bands like the original Apple with more competitive price. I love the leather band and modern buckle band but can't find a good third party band. So please Colin and Trevor, provide us with that selection please!


I read many reviews on other replacement Apple Watch bands and decided on Gadgetwraps. I bought 2 last week and 3 today! There is virtually no difference from the original Apple band! Service was excellent from order to receiving! Thanks Trevor and Colin for making this product available for a reasonable price!
PS. I would love a leather band also!


I ordered a few different silicone sports bands from other sellers and this one from GadgetWraps is the best quality. I can't tell the difference between it and the original band that came with my Apple Watch. It is very comfortable.

Their customer service is excellent also. I emailed the seller asking a question about one of the colors and Trevor, one of the co-owners, replied back within an hour! He sent me the exact hex color value as well as a link to it, for my reference. That kind of customer service is unheard of nowadays. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

I hope they will offer a leather loop band for the Apple Watch in the future. I would be first in line to purchase it from them.

Excellent seller with excellent products!


I have been trying to find a replacement strap for my Apple Watch for ages with no success, as I have a wide fitting wrist. The straps from Gadget Wraps fit perfectly and I've now been able to upgrade from my stock black Apple strap to something much more colourful!


I got the green (or as I prefer to call it, fabulous lime) band just a few days after getting my Apple Watch and I've gotten more compliments on the band than the watch itself. Everyone (including me!) loves the color. As for the feel? It's very similar to the sport band that came with the watch'd be hard pressed to find the difference. Trying not to go band crazy all at once, but I can't wait to order more!

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