Pebble Round Wood Skins and Screen Protectors

Our Pebble Round Wood skins are cut from high-quality automotive vinyl that mimics the feel of real wood and covers the front of your Pebble Round (not the sides) while leaving a small hole for the ambient light sensor. They not only look great and protect your watch but they are also waterproof and completely removable but not reusable. Our Pebble Round Wood skins include two cut-out clear wet install screen protectors that fit inside of the skin.





All of our skins and protectors have been tested in oceans, pools, showers, etc. Keep in mind though that our products will not make your watch waterproof!

Protects Your Pebble Round

Our Pebble Round Skins and Screen Protectors are designed to protect the glass of your Pebble Round (not the sides). Our Pebble Round Skins come with a 2-pack of our wet install self-healing screen protector “cut-outs.”


$1 Replacements

If at any time you damage your skin we’ll replace it for $1 plus shipping. You’ll need to provide a photo to us of the damage, however. There is no time limit on our replacements so feel free to keep damaging them year after year!

Completely removable!

Our skins will not leave any residue if you ever need to remove them. It would be very difficult, however, if you tried to reuse your skin as you’ll definitely stretch it out.

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Cherry Teak, Dark Tamo, Ebony Metallic, Light Cherry, Mahogany, Marine Teak, Primavera, Rosewood, Walnut

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