Pebble Classic Brushed Metal Skins and Screen Protectors

Our Pebble Classic Brushed Metal skins are cut from high-quality automotive vinyl that mimics the feel of real brushed metal and covers the front of your Pebble Classic (not the sides). They not only look great and protect your watch but they are also waterproof and completely removable but not reusable. Our Brushed Metal skins include two cut-out clear wet install screen protectors that fit inside of the skin.



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Aluminum, Army Gold, Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Steel, Titanium

Customer Reviews

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Application for the first time is not so easy as seen on the Youtube video.
But when its on it is a top quality product with a super look!
The material used can take some beatings but stays new.
I'm happy and satisfied!


I've never liked screen protectors on my phone - I've always found they get scratched up quickly, have air bubbles trapped underneath them, and start to peel off on their own. I had been putting off buying a Gadget Wrap for almost a year, but my Pebble kept getting scratched up. When I got a warranty replacement for screen tearing, I decided to wrap the new watch.

I should have bought one sooner. The wet install makes it really easy to apply the protective film without bubbles. I've had this for a few weeks now with no sign of peeling, bubbles, or scratches. Highly recommended.


Since I got my Pebble I have been protecting it with gadget wraps. They also let me dress my watch in different looks. Also protects the face.




easy to apply ,great look
very happy customer


The wrap and screen protector look MUCH better in person than in the photos. Service was fast, and the installation instructions/video were extremely helpful. I plan on making many more purchases from gadgetwraps, both for myself and friends and family, just because I am so blown away by their incredibly high standards.


Before ordering this wrap I had previously bought one from another site which had dry application clear skins. I applied both that I received and neither would stick so I chose to purchase this one which seemed promising even though I had never applied a wet application skin before. To my surprise it was relatively easy. You have to be a little patient but it's worth it. My skin looks great, it adds a little extra to my watch without it looking tacky. I also really appreciated that there was a hand written thank you on the receipt. I will definitely buy any future skins from here.


I bought this wrap and while applying I ended up screwing the wrap completely. Upon contacting them for a replacement, not only did they ship a new set for free, the actually sent TWO!!! I am seriously impressed with the amazing customer support and am sure that this is where all my future wraps will be coming from too. Great shopping experience

P.S. this thing is REALLY REALLY good cuz I've bumped and scratched the watch around quite a few times after applying and the wrap didn't move at all...!!


Very strong adhesive, and looks great as well. Very easy to install and customer service is the best I've ever experienced. Will definitely return!


I love the look of this skin. My only issue is that, due to the nature of my job, mine is scuffed and peeling. Looks good though.

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