NATO Style 2 Piece Nylon Watchband - 14mm with Quick Release

Our straps will fit on any watch with a 14mm pin (not the Pebble Steel or Pebble Time, Pebble 2, 20mm Pebble Round etc.). Our nylon bands have several additional holes to accommodate smaller and larger wrists and the “buckle side” of the band is longer to hide more length. They also have quick-release pins installed which makes it super easy to get the band on and off. If our silicone bands fit you then these will too, and if our silicone bands have been slightly too small or too big than these are for you!




Safe To Swim In

All of our bands have been tested in oceans, pools, showers, etc. Keep in mind though that our bands will not make your watch waterproof!

Accommodates Most Wrists
Our 14mm straps are 7.75 inches in length. The total strap length on a 14mm PTR (1.5in case) is 9.25in. The smallest wrist size it would fit is 5.13in. The largest wrist size it would fit is 7.75in. There are 11 size settings with .25 inch increments.
14mm Nylon Band Quick Release
50% Off Replacements

If at any time you damage your band we’ll replace the entire band (and pins, loops, and buckle) for 50% off of a new band. If at any point you damage your loops, pins, or buckle (with the rest of the band being fine) we’ll replace those components for just the cost of shipping.

Quick Release Pins

Our nylon bands have stainless steel quick release pins built in which make it really easy to install and remove your band in a moment’s notice.

Additional information

Weight .3 oz

Customer Reviews

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I have other NATO strap (not from GadgetWraps) that is much much thinner than this one. The GadgetWraps strap is thick (looks like double layer) and looks much better than what you see in the picture. Lengthwise is better than the original strap from my Pebble Round. I have tiny wrists and in the original strap I was using the second hole. In this NATO strap I use the fourth! It is very comfortable and soft in the wrist too.
I'll probably buy more of this straps for my other 3 pebbles :)

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