Samsung Gear Live

What you'll need:
  • Samsung Gear Live
  • GadgetWraps Skin
  • Square Anti-Fingerprint Protector
  • Microfiber Cloth (or something similar)
If you completely (or partially) screw up the install (or something else goes wrong) please contact us using the contact form above. But please let us help you out before getting mad at us. We're two really nice guys who want nothing more than for you to have a great install and great experience with our company. Let us help you!
The top and bottom sides of the skin are different heights. Please follow the video and instructions exactly!

**Before you begin, turn the brightness all the way up on your Samsung Gear Live Watch by double tapping the screen then scrolling to settings > brightness > 6** 
1. Remove the wrist strap from your Samsung Gear Live Watch by using the spring clips located on the inside of the strap. This makes it very easy to install the skin as the watch can lay flat on a table. 
2. Prepare your Samsung Gear Live Watch by cleaning its surface with a microfiber cloth to remove all residue, dust, gunk, etc. 
3. Really make sure that there isn't any dust on the surface of the watch.
4. Double tap the screen so that the "OK Google" screen is on the screen. 
5. The top right corner of the skin and transfer film has been cut at an angle to show you that it is not upside down. Make sure that the top right cut corner is always up and tot he right and on the same side as the Samsung Gear Live button.
6. Peel the clear transfer film from the back of the skin/paper. 
7. Turn it 90 degrees so that it's going from left to right and that both cut off parts are to the right and up. 
8. Lay the transfer film on the skin so that just the top and bottom of the skin are exposed. 
9. Rub the surface of the transfer film to stick it to the surface of the skin. 
10. Flip over the wrap and lift the white paper backing away from the wrap/transfer film. If the wrap doesn't come up with the transfer film squeeze the corner of the wrap/film/paper really hard to get it to stick.
11. Line up the exposed edge of the wrap with the top and bottom edge of the Samsung Gear Live glass. 
12. Make sure that when you're lowering the wrap that the center cut out square does not become bent or misshapen as the screen protector will need to fit inside of the wrap.
13. Do not push the wrap down into the watch until you are sure that the wrap is centered. If it's not, slowly peel up the transfer film/wrap and try again.
14. Once you're sure that it's centered, lightly rub the surface of the transfer film with your finger to bond the wrap to the glass. Really rub the exposed top and bottom part of the skin to make sure that it sticks to the glass.
15. Very slowly ROLL the transfer film away from the wrap using your thumb. If the wrap starts to lift, lower the transfer film back down and rub it again to get the skin to stick to the glass. The key is to go VERY SLOWLY.
16. Now that your wrap is adhered it's time to apply the precision-cut screen protector.
17. Turn off your watch by double tapping the screen, scrolling to settings, then power off.
18. Slowly pull the #1 tab to remove the first of two protector films. 
19. Use your other hand to hold the #2 tab and the side of the protector as a "handle".
20. Slowly guide the protector over the surface of the watch. It helps to line up one side of the protector first and then (with your eyes) to visually line up a second side of the protector to make sure it's properly lined up.
21. Slowly lower the protector down to the surface of the watch.
22. Use your fingers to rub the rest of the protector to get all the rest of the air bubbles out. 
23. Pull the #2 tab to remove the second protective layer.
24. If any corners aren't adhering use your fingernail to push them down..

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