Carbon / Wood Skin

Read this first!

If you are installing one of our skins as well as the full clear protector you need to install the skin first. If you install the protector first (and don't let it fully harden) you may damage the protector while installing the bezel skin. Only use the video and instructions below if you have a carbon fiber or wood skin. These skins do not have a clear transfer film on the back. If you have a gloss, matte, or brushed skin (the skins that do have a transfer film on the back) then use this page

What you'll need:
  • Pebble Time
  • Carbon / Wood skin
  • Microfiber Cloth (or something similar)

1. Prepare your Pebble Time by cleaning its surface with a microfiber cloth to remove all residue, dust, gunk, etc.
2. Completely remove the skin from the paper backing.
3. Begin by lining up one corner of the skin but be careful not to push down to fully adhere it. 
4. Once one corner is lined up, slowly peel up the other sides and line them up as well. Be careful not to stretch the skin.
5. If the skin is slightly overlapping the sides it's easiest to use your fingers to move the skin by pinching the sides of the skin to shift it slightly.
6. Use your fingers to make sure that all sides of the skin are not overlapping the edge of your watch. You can use your thumb to force the skin over to line it up perfectly.
7. Until you fully push the skin into the watch it will be able to be lifted fairly easily so don't push it all down until you are confident that the skin is centered.
8. Once you're confident that it's centered use your fingers to rub the surface of the skin into your watch.


Did you mess up the installation?

If you completely screwed this up please send us a contact form. We will be very understanding of goof ups for the first months of people installing these so just send us a contact form and we’ll help you out. Please contact us and allow us to help you before posting on social media.

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