Gloss / Matte / Brushed Skin

What you'll need:
  • Pebble Steel
  • Gloss / Matte / Brushed Wrap
  • Cut Out Screen Protector
  • Plastic card like a debit/credit or metro card
  • Microfiber Cloth (or something similar)
  • Spray bottle full of water
If you completely (or partially) screw up the install (or something else goes wrong) please contact us using the contact form above. But please let us help you out before getting mad at us. We're two really nice guys who want nothing more than for you to have a great install and great experience with our company. Let us help you!


1. Prepare your Pebble Steel by cleaning its surface with a microfiber cloth to remove all residue, dust, gunk, etc.
2. Turn off your Pebble watch by pressing settings then "Shut Down".
3. Pull off the clear transfer film from the back of the wrap/paper.
4. Lay the wrap flat on a table and rotate the clear transfer film 90 degrees so that it's going from left to right. Lay the transfer film on top of the wrap so that just the top and bottom edges are exposed.
5. Rub the transfer film into the wrap using your finger and your fingernail to really make sure that it's stuck to the wrap.
6. Flip over the wrap and lift the white paper backing away from the wrap/transfer film. If the wrap doesn't come up with the transfer film squeeze the corner of the wrap/film/paper really hard to get it to stick.
7. Make sure the watch is flat on a table or smooth surface and turn it so that the Pebble logo is upside down. 
8. Line up the exposed edge of the wrap with the top and bottom edge of the Pebble Steel glass. Because the side edges of the Pebble Steel area raised, it's possible to lower the transfer film down to the face of the Steel without it sticking. 
9. Make sure that when you're lowering the wrap that the center cut out square does not become bend or misshapen as the screen protector will need to fit inside of the wrap.
10. Do not push the wrap down into the watch until you are sure that the wrap is centered. If it's not, slowly peel up the transfer film/wrap and try again.
11. Once you're sure that it's centered, rub the surface of the transfer film with your finger and fingernail to bond the wrap to the glass.
12. Very slowly roll the transfer film away from the wrap using your thumb. If the wrap starts to lift, lower the transfer film back down and rub it again to get it to stick.
13. Now that your wrap is adhered it's time to apply the precision-cut screen protector
14. Spray your hands and fingers with water from a spray bottle.
15. Slowly (by using your fingernails) separate the cut out protector from the white backing. 
16. Once the protector is fully removed, spray the exposed side of the protector with more water as well as the face of the watch.
17. Slowly place the protector in the open square of the color wrap. It should be wet enough to slide around. If it isn’t, slowly remove it and spray it lightly with water.
18. Once the protector is in the correct place, use a credit/debit/metro card to "squeegee" the water from under the protector. 
19. Any excess water can be wiped away.
20. If any part of the protector isn't fitting, use your fingers to maneuver it inside of the cut out square of the skin. If the protector is REALLY not fitting, please use the contact form linked at the top of our site to contact us. Do not try to install the second protector yet.

Any bubbles or liquid under the protector will go away after 48 hours. Please note: the protector will feel soft and gummy for the first 48 hours while it is curing. Some bubbles/marks may take up to a week to fully disappear.
If you are having problems or mess up the install please contact us first before getting mad or posting on Reddit / forums. Please give us a chance to help you.

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