Full Screen Protector

What you'll need:
  • LG G Watch
  • Full Screen Protector
  • Microfiber Cloth (or something similar)
If you completely (or partially) screw up the install (or something else goes wrong) please contact us using the contact form above. But please let us help you out before getting mad at us. We're two really nice guys who want nothing more than for you to have a great install and great experience with our company. Let us help you!


**Before you begin, turn off your LG G Watch by double tapping the screen then scrolling to settings > power off** 
1. Prepare your LG G Watch by cleaning its surface with a microfiber cloth to remove all residue, dust, gunk, etc.
2. Really make sure that there isn't any dust on the surface of the watch.
3. Slowly pull the #1 tab to remove the first of two protector films. 
4. Use your other hand to hold the #2 tab and the side of the protector as a "handle".
5. Slowly guide the protector over the surface of the watch. It helps to line up one side of the protector first and then (with your eyes) to visually line up a second side of the protector to make sure it's properly lined up.
6. Slowly lower the protector down to the surface of the watch.
7. Use your fingers to rub the rest of the protector to get all the rest of the air bubbles out. 
8. Pull the #2 tab to remove the second protective layer.
9. If any corners aren't adhering use your fingernail to push them down..

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