Pebble Time Steel Rosewood Wrap and Screen Protector

Pebble Time Steel Rosewood Wrap and Screen Protector

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    Our Pebble Time Steel wraps and protectors are designed to cover and protect the bezel (outer edge) of your Pebble Time Steel as well as the screen without adding any bulk. They will protect the border of your watch from scratches and minor dings as well as making the black glass bezel appear smaller. Our wraps are precision-cut out of high-quality vinyl (like a really high quality sticker) and will make your Pebble Time Steel look like it's a completely different color. Our matte wraps are non glossy, our gloss wraps are shiny, our brushed metal wraps look and feel like real metal, our carbon fiber wraps look and feel like carbon fiber, and our wood wraps look and feel like wood. They adhere to the front of your Pebble Time Steel using non-permanent adhesive that will not damage your watch. Now your Pebble Time will be protected! We include two cut-out screen protectors that fit perfectly into the opening of the skin.


    What exactly is a GadgetWraps skin for the Pebble Time?

    Basically it's a really high quality sticker for your Pebble Time Steel. It covers not only the metal bezel but also about half of the black glass bezel making the bezel appear smaller. Essentially it's a skin that is the same size as the Pebble Time bezel. We cut them from automotive-grade vinyl (gloss, matte, brushed, wood grain and carbon fiber) so they are made to last. Once they are installed (which is very easy) they won't come off until you want to remove them (which is also very easy). We include two cut-out clear protectors that complete the protection!


    I bought a silver/black/gold Pebble Time Steel. Will this completely cover up the color of my watch?

    No. These aren't meant to hide the color of your watch. Since the color of the face of your Pebble Time Steel is also on the sides, it would be impossible to design a skin that would cover up all color. We recommend purchasing a skin that compliments the side color that you already have. These wraps will, however, completely cover the front bezel (border) of your watch as well as the screen.


    Does this come with a clear screen protector?

    Yes! You will receive one bezel skin and two cut-out screen protectors that fit perfectly inside. If you've purchased one of our Original Pebble Skin and Protector sets you'll know what we mean.


    Are these waterproof?

    Yes! We have personally tested our Pebble wraps in the shower, saltwater (the Persian Gulf, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean), fresh water and chlorine pools. They are completely waterproof and will not come off. If your skin does come off over time (or is damaged, needs to be replaced), we have a lifetime replacement warranty which enables you to get a discounted replacement wrap at any time.


    Is there a warranty?

    Yes! If at any time you damage your skin, it comes off, it gets gunked up, etc. you can contact us using the warranty page to request a replacement. All you have to do is pay $1 for your wrap plus shipping and you'll get a replacement shipped to you. Keep in mind, however, that you will only get a replacement for the skin that you purchased. You can't get a DIFFERENT skin shipped to you as a replacement.


    Can GadgetWraps skins and protectors for the Pebble Time Steel be removed? Can they be reused? Will they damage my Pebble Time Steel?

    They can definitely be removed, only a few styles could possibly be reused (wood and carbon fiber) and they definitely WILL NOT damage your watch. After a few days your skin will bond in such a way that if you remove it the skin will be stretched and it will make it really difficult to apply again without it looking bad.

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