Original Pebble Watch Clear Full Screen/Body Protector (2 Pack)

Original Pebble Watch Clear Full Screen/Body Protector (2 Pack)

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    The only thing that could possible make your Pebble Watch better and protect the screen at the same time is one of our full screen protectors. Our protectors are precision-cut out of military-grade materials and will protect the face of your Pebble Watch from bumps, scrapes, and scratches. It's self-healing so most marks will go away over time. We sell them in two-packs so you'll receive two self-healing screen protectors. Installation is really simple (it's a "wet" install) and your Pebble will now look great and be protected.

    What exactly is the full clear protector for the Pebble?

    We cut our full protectors from a crystal clear military grade material that is self-healing and made to last. Once it is installed (which is very easy) it won't come off until you want to remove it (which is also very easy). Most scratches will go away on their own.

    I bought a red/orange/white/grey Pebble. Will this change the color of my Pebble at all?

    No. These aren't meant to hide the color of your watch. They are meant to protect the front of your watch while leaving the color unchanged..

    Are these waterproof?

    Yes! We have personally tested them in the shower, saltwater (the Persian Gulf, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean), fresh water and chlorine pools. They are completely waterproof and will not come off. If your skin does come off over time (or is damaged, needs to be replaced), we have a lifetime replacement warranty which enables you to get a discounted replacement wrap at any time.

    Is there a warranty?

    Yes! If at any time you damage your skin, it comes off, it gets gunked up, etc. you can contact us using the warranty page to request a replacement. All you have to do is pay $1 for your wrap plus shipping and you'll get a replacement shipped to you. Keep in mind, however, that you will only get a replacement for the skin that you purchased. You can't get a DIFFERENT skin shipped to you as a replacement.

    Can GadgetWraps skins for the Pebble be removed? Can they be reused? Will they damage my Pebble?

    They can definitely be removed and they definitely WILL NOT damage your watch. After a few days your skin will bond in such a way that if you remove it the skin will be stretched and it will make it impossible to reinstall.

    What do I get with every order?

    With every 2-pack purchased you will receive (2) wet-install self-healing screen protectors that completely cover the front of your watch.

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    1. Worked well

      I followed the tutorial video to install it and it was very easy and neat. I now feel comfortable wearing the watch. Thanks. on Jul 26th 2016

    2. Very good product.

      Easy installation with the umid system, you can adjust the position easily.
      I'm really happy with the purchase.
      Thanks for the guarantee of replacement in case of defective product.
      on Jul 5th 2016

    3. Mom's watch saviour !

      I've bought two sets of these until today, for mom. She works at a supermarket (unloading trucks, cleaning, bleach, ammonia...), so it's really the shield of the watch.

      But please don't think they're weak. I mean, she have had her Pebble for a year now, and the first two protectors had to be changed because of "reasons"...

      #First protector
      - This blue dye exploded! My poor watch :(
      We quit the inked protector. The watch was as perfect as brand new. Easy as a pie to put the new one.

      #Second protector
      - All these crystal bottles fell down. I think I scratched my watch :(
      We quit the poor protector. The watch was PERFECT.

      Now we're with the third one :D It's really awesome! The best!
      on Jun 8th 2016

    4. Gadgetwraps screen protector is Awesome

      MORE IMPORTANT: THE CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM GADGETWRAPS IS TOP NOTCH !!! Love this product, easy to install, instruction videos are clear and easy to follow. Wish I would have had the screen protector and skin from the start. My Pebble Time was easily scratched. I made a mistake on my order and they quickly adjusted it and sent my order. on Jun 8th 2016

    5. Simply the BEST

      I've seen a lot of this Pebble protectors. This is the BEST I've tested. A word to the wise is enough! :) on Apr 19th 2016

    6. Awesome product! Highly recommended :)

      The order shipped quickly and I was impressed with the product. Goes on very easily and is super durable. Customer service is great! on Mar 28th 2016

    7. Hands down best wraps available.

      I have been a gadgetwraps customer for 2 years now, and have purchased several different styles of wraps. I like changing the style of my Pebble (original) from time to time.

      I recently had to replace my Pebble due to a problem I was having, and when I got my new Pebble, I found out I didn't have any wraps available. Yikes! So, I made a big mistake and went to our local electronics retailer and purchased one of the Zagg Invisibleshield full wraps because I knew I needed a cover on my Pebble to prevent it from getting scratched. In less than a week, the arms were already peeling off the wrap, no matter how many times I sealed them back down, but they kept popping back up. After several days of frustration, I went to the gadgetwraps site and purchased new wraps for my Pebble and waited for them to arrive. I peeled off that junk Zagg shield and replaced it with a gadgetwrap. That was more than a month ago, and my gadgetwrap has not peeled one single time, a perfect application. Gadgetwraps are better than wraps that cost more than twice as much. I'll never use anything else but gadgetwraps on my devices, period. A superior product, great pricing, and outstanding customer service.
      on Feb 23rd 2016

    8. A must have for your original Pebble!

      I held off wearing my Pebble until I got the screen protector, as I've seen how easily they get scratched. Installation wasn't hard, although I did get a dust speck underneath, and thats the only flaw on the installation. All the bubbles disappeared after about 24 hours. Can barely tell theres a screen protector on! I did spray both the watch and the screen protector with a decent amount of water, but it didnt slide around for me to line it up properly. For that I've taken 1 star off an otherwise perfect product. I've done a ton of research before deciding to go with Gadgetwraps, and I have to say I am impressed, highly recommended! on Feb 3rd 2016

    9. Excelente. queda muy bien. no se nota y protege.

      Es facil de instalar y no quedan burbujas. no se nota una vez seco y protege bien de los araƱazos. on Jan 27th 2016

    10. Great screen protector

      I love the rubbery material this protector has. My pebble has big scratches on the face of the watch and this protector conceal it almost perfectly. It was cut and fit perfectly on my pebble. Great product! on Jan 5th 2016

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