Beta Program FAQ’s

How does shipping work?

If the device and product are simple (a circular screen protector, a rectangular skin)
we can have you send us detailed measurements and we’ll create several prototypes that we’ll send you for fitting. If the device is too complex for you to measure yourself we’ll email you a shipping label for you to print off. You’ll need to box up your device, tape the label to it, and bring it to your local USPS or FedEx, depending on which service we choose. The package will be fully insured to the full replacement cost of your device.
Once we receive your device we’ll measure it and prototype immediately. We won’t need it for more than 1-2 days after which we’ll send your device back to you.

Will you let me know when you receive my device?

Yes, we’ll let you know immediately once we receive your device.

What happens if my device gets lost or damaged?

We’ll replace it for you for free.

How does a lifetime supply work?

We will send you free replacements for the life of your device. This includes shipping costs.